Florida Man Makes Off With $5.00 During Armed Robbery Before Getting Arrested in Bayonne

An attempted robbery in Bayonne on Wednesday, January 4, ended in one arrest and a total of $5 stolen from an Avenue B convenience store.

Michael Prather, of Florida, struck the owner of the store with a 4.5 mm BB gun and proceeded to take off with the contents of the cash register. Before the robbery, Prather entered the store and was asked to leave on account of his behavior. The store owner, Shailesh Patel, acted fast and was able to hide some of the larger bills before Prather returned.

Prather was spotted close-by and taken into custody a short time later. The handgun used in the robbery was recovered in some bushes on 47th St. and Broadway. The assailant was found to be in possession of syringes and other drug paraphernalia. The Avenue B store was victim to another violent robbery in 2015, where the robber made off with $200 after macing and attacking an employee.


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