Man headed to Cuba arrested for possession of loaded weapon at Newark airport

At about 9:30am on Saturday May 13th, 63 year old suspect Maurice Harmon was arrested and charged by the Port Authority Police.

The arrest took place at Terminal C at the Newark airport after officers detected a loaded Glock 19, semi-automatic handgun in Harmon’s carry-on bag.

Harmon attempted to pass through the security checkpoint with the 9mm semi-automatic however, officers detected it as it passed through the security checkpoint x-ray machine. The gun was said to be loaded with an extended magazine holding 18 hollow-point bullets, including one in the pistol’s chamber.

Port Authority Police arrested Harmon without incident and he was charged with Unlawful Possession of a Weapon and Unlawful Possession of High Capacity Magazine. There was no disruption to airport operations during the arrest.

Harmon was reportedly headed to fly to Havana, Cuba.


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