New Leadership takes over at the Bayonne Fire Promotional Ceremony


Mayor Davis held a ceremony for the Bayonne Fire Department as they crowned their new Chief and  promoted 8 other individuals into higher ranking on Friday March 4th. Hundreds of family members and friends were in attendance to witness and support all that were promoted. 

Keith Weaver was promoted to Chief of fire Department, taking the place of Chief Greg Rogers who resigned this year, William Bartos and Stephen Peterson were promoted to Deputy Chiefs, Frank Pawlowski and Robert Kleczynski were promoted as Battalion Chiefs, Christopher Czuba, Alfred Liana and Michael Smith were promoted as Captains, and Eduardo Ferrante was appointed as the Office of Emergency Management Coordinator. 

Hudson TV was able to speak Mayor Davis regarding the ceremony as he felt that the honorees were very deserving of their new titles. Former Chief Greg Rogers felt as if he has served his time as Fire Chief and is excited about retirement and looking forward to his own future endeavors. New Fire Chief Keith Weaver is ready and prepared to take over the former Chief Roger’s position.

The honorees were sworn in by City Clerk John Sloan as everyone in the audience watched this momentous celebration. The ceremony finalized with the fire helmet exchanging hands between Chiefs. 

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