North Bergen Democratic Chair Makes More $$ As School Counselor and Attendance Monitor Than House Speaker Paul Ryan and Governor Christie


While Donald Trump ran surprisingly strong in North Bergen, that town’s politically connected school administrator has cobbled together two jobs to boost his salary to the level of the House Speaker, Paul Ryan and much more than New Jersey’s own Governor.

When does this guy sleep?

North Bergen’s longtime Democratic Party chairman, John Belluardo, has several other public board positions as well. However, as you’ll see with the data HudsonTV has uncovered, the Democratic vote results in last November’s election show shocking strength for Donald Trump in what historically has been a strong Democratic township. 

Belluardo was forced to give up a vice principal post in 1996 after it was revealed he either lacked the necessary educational credentials for the job or the necessary documents could not be found. 

Since then, he is listed as a “district supervisor” for both the Elementary Absentee Prevention Program and the Student Resource Assistance Program. For those duties, his school system salary is over $185,000, but he draws an additional salary as housing inspector of around $38,000 for a total of $223,000.

When HudsonTV asked why Belluardo makes so much in salary, township spokesman Phil Swibinski wrote back saying Belluardo’s salary was based “primarily on longevity in the district as well as his educational attainments” and is set by the same guidelines as other administrators. Swibinski described Belluardo’s duties in this long message which is provided here.

belluardo by Hudson TV on Scribd

National and state elected officials and high ranking cabinet officials make less, however. The Vice President, Mike Pence, makes $230,700. The Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, makes $223,000. Chris Christie makes $175,000 as governor, and that is the fourth highest governor salary in the country.

Belluardo also appears as an officer of the charitable nonprofit named after North Bergen’s mayor, Nicholas Sacco.

State public filings also show Belluardo’s daughter is a $97,000 administrator in the town’s school system while her husband is the unpaid chair of the town’s board of education.

In addition to his public payroll duties, Belluardo is the chairman and treasurer of the town’s Democratic Party committee.  In last November’s presidential election, while Hillary Clinton carried North Bergen as she did Hudson County and all of New Jersey, she underperformed in North Bergen while Donald Trump substantially outperformed 2012’s Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

While North Bergen overall turnout was nearly 10% higher than for the 2012 presidential election, Hillary Clinton’s vote was only 344 (about 2%) more than former President Obama got against Mitt Romney, but Trump got 1,085 votes more than Romney. That’s nearly 26% more support for Trump than for Romney in 2012. As a result, Clinton’s percentage margin of victory in the heavily Democratic town declined from Obama’s 57% margin to only about 48% last November.

The underperformance continued in North Bergen’s first ward, where Belluardo’s daughter and son-in-law live, and its second ward where he lives. While turnout in 2016 was up about ten percent in both those wards, Hillary Clinton’s vote totals were barely above President Obama’s 2012 totals while Donald Trump improved on Mitt Romney’s vote by over 20% in the first ward and by 28% in the second ward.

HudsonTV reviewed official data from the Hudson County Board of Elections and noticed the following results. A comparison of the 2012 presidential vote with the 2016 presidential vote showed some surprising trends.

NB ALL         OBAMA 2012        15600

                       ROMNEY 2012       4209

                      Total Pres. 2012   19973

                      Obama %                   78.1%

                      Romney %                 21.1%

                      Obama Margin %     57.0%

                      CLINTON 2016     15944

                      TRUMP 2016           5294

                      Total Pres. 2016   21845

                      Clinton %                  73.0%

                      Trump %                   24.2%

                      Clinton Win Margin 48.8%

                      Clinton vs Obama    -8.2%

                      Trump vs Romney   1085

                      % Trump vs Romney 25.8%

NB WARD 1 TURNOUT 2012: 2959

                       TURNOUT 2016: 3258

                       Difference              +299

                       Percentage            +10.1%

NB WARD 2 TURNOUT 2012: 2440

                       TURNOUT 2016: 2690

                       Difference             +250

                       Percentage           +10.2%

NB WARD 1 OBAMA 2012        2213

                       ROMNEY 2012      718

                      Total Pres. 2012   2959

                      Obama %                   74.8%

                      Obama Win Margin  50.6%

                      CLINTON 2016      2303

                      TRUMP 2016            864

                      Total Pres. 2016   3258

                      Clinton %                  70.7%

                      Clinton Win Margin 44.2%

                      Clinton vs Obama    -6.4%

                      Trump vs Romney   146

                      % Trump vs Romney 20.2%

NB WARD 2 OBAMA 2012         1939

                       ROMNEY 2012       480

                      Total Pres. 2012   2440

                      Obama %                   79.5%

                      Obama Win Margin  59.8%

                      CLINTON 2016      2008

                      TRUMP 2016            613

                      Total Pres. 2016   2690

                      Clinton %                  74.6%

                      Clinton Win Margin 51.8%

                      Clinton vs Obama    -8.0%

                      Trump vs Romney   133

                      % Trump vs Romney 27.8%


  1. I’d also like to know who this Phil Swibinski guy is and how much he makes? He seems to be the “Spokesman” for every corrupt politician and department in Hudson County. He sure seems to be busy!

  2. Mr B has worked for over 40 years and has always gone above and beyond to help students and families he has earned his place and all his titles with hard work and countless hours that are not even recognized he does not do it for recognition he does it because he has a passion for what he does and for his community

  3. The problem with politics is that everyone is worried about everybody else instead of worrying about themselves. Who cares about this article, at the end of the day there is a service that needs to be done for the town and it gets done. Sometimes the best work done is the one not done in the public eye.

    • What? Did you read the article? The problem with politics and public service(especially in Hudson County NJ) is how expensive it is for the Taxpayers and how lucrative it is for those who benefit from it. This article exemplifies that beyond most peoples comprehension!

    • Of course I read the article. But my point is that regardless of the amount that he gets paid, the job that needs to get done is getting done. Everyone is worried about everyone else rather than worrying about themselves. Greed and jealousy makes the world go mad.

    • The amount he gets paid should mean everything! The jobs he holds didn’t even exist a few years ago(i.e. attendance monitor?). I agree that his duties need to be performed but certainly not at that salary. The greed is obvious and while I would argue your point about jealousy I would certainly say the “real world” is and should be envious. I’ll assume it’s your Tax money so if you’re ok with it good for you.

  4. Maybe it’s me!! But isn’t that a goal in life .. go to college get all yours degrees spend all the money doing it. Secure a job for 40 years and make good $.. while doing a great job!! John these haters on your body shake them off!!

  5. Mr. Belluardo was my 5th grade teacher and also stepped in to help me during my freshman year to get me back on track when I went astray. He is an asset to our community.

  6. Funny thing is people will try and make this look like its ok for him to rob our tax money..why does he have two salaries thats bullshit someone else can fill that position..greed

  7. People this is proper gander from the opposition. Don’t fall into there bullshit. I wonder who at Hudson tv is behind the article. Only because John’s son in law called out Larry is this even an issue. It’s election bull they did this with others n still got crushed. Jb works hard for the children of this town n is always there when he’s needed.

  8. The comments shared here by most is that he is a ‘good guy’ and that what he makes isn’t an issue and these comments clearly show how out of touch people are with the fact that the real property taxes they pay if they own a home or if they rent because taxes drives up the rent. Most are disconnected in their thinking of how people taking money which is unwarranted for position or actions are affecting other people in their town or county by in fact stealing other people’s hard earned tax dollars. Education budgets make up most of the real estate taxes in all towns and until people wake up and understand that they are being cheated, it’s a long hard road to convince the ignorant of the connection and the corruption that prevails. These are the people that will make the decisions in the future; heaven help them and us.

  9. “That is one reason I was very surprised and dismayed to read Larry Wainstein’s letter on Saturday, March 11th, taking credit for being the voice of the teachers of North Bergen and for helping to bring the contract negotiations to an end. I, in my capacity as president, spoke on behalf of the teachers and clerks, not Mr. Wainstein”.

  10. This bogus letter is paid propaganda from Larry Wainstein, after his bogus claim of being “the voice of the teachers” was shot down by the Union President yesterday.

  11. You know what else happened between 2012 and 2016, Obama won in 2012 and Clinton lost in 2016. To blame that on John Belluardo makes him an even bigger player in this election than the Russians. You might want to remove that silly part of this article to avoid more people laughing at you.


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