North Bergen Teachers Union Defends Teacher Salaries in Letter to the Editor


Test scores shouldn’t define students, school districts or teachers, and
Hudson TV’s analysis of state teacher salaries misses the mark of the
great jobs our educators are performing for our children. The higher
North Bergen salaries cited are a result of individuals who found their
callings early in life, went into teaching in their early 20s remaining
with our district for decades while completing advanced studies.

The data used by Hudson TV is more than two years old. Since then, of the
top five salaries cited in North Bergen, one is actually a supervisor
rather than a teacher, one retired last year after a career that lasted
close to 40 years and a third tragically died after more than three
decades teaching. The remaining two people have worked in North Bergen
for almost four decades each.

We at the North Bergen Federation of Teachers are proud of our members’
commitment to continuing professional development and to achieving the
educational goals that help us become better teachers and to our

Mutually agreed upon incentives for completing advanced education and
other degrees signify our shared goal with the district, parents and
North Bergen community to continuously improving our teaching skills.
When accounting for education, public workers, especially teachers, earn
less than our private sector counterparts.

The real story in North Bergen is one of committed, dedicated educators
working hard to meet the needs of a student population with significant
challenges. As a long-term high school teacher myself, I am proud of my
colleagues and the great strides we have accomplished together. Along the
way we have worked hard to be respected as professionals and negotiated
fair compensation for lifetimes of service.

We would recommend Hudson TV or any media outlet visit our schools, speak
with our students and teachers and get a real sense for the incredible
effort that goes into helping students succeed in all aspects of their lives.

Elizabeth Lynch
North Bergen Federation of Teachers.

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