Port Authority Police Arrest Union City Man Owing Over $ 71,000.00 in EZ Pass Violations


Heriberto Quiroz (68) of Union City NJ, was arrested after his trucking company was found owing over $71,000.00 in toll violations and fees, Port Authority Police said.

At about 9 10 am Port Authority PO Lionel Gonzales was on the GWB toll plaza in Ft. Lee, NJ and saw a 1982 Kenworth dump truck being driven towards the bridge’s upper level.  The truck passed through an EZ pass only lane and the toll indicator read ‘Toll Unpaid”. When Police stopped the truck and interviewed the driver. The driver, a man in his 70’s was an employee of the truck company and a records check indicated that the Kenworth dump truck had a delinquent account with over 300 open violations.

The violations consisted  of over $36,000.00 in tolls and fees for this truck. The owner was contacted and went to the GWB Police facility. A further investigation showed the owner had 3 more delinquent ezpass accounts that brought the total owed to over $ 71,000.00 in tolls and fees. The business is register to  ‘US National LLC’  . The truck was impounded and the suspect/owner arrested.

The Owner was charged with Theft of Service.

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