Press Release: West New York Democratic Committee Reorganization Meeting


WEST NEW YORK, NJ – At the annual West New York Democratic Committee Reorganization meeting that took place June 13, 2017, Joseph Roque, son of Mayor Felix E. Roque, M.D., was unanimously elected as the Chair of the WNYDC. Vanessa Cirillo was also elected unanimously to fill the post of Vice Chair, moving from the position of Treasurer which she has held since 2016.

Adam Parkinson and Jonathan Castaneda were also elected unanimously to fill the positions of Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

“I am looking forward to working with every single one of you to move West New York and our organization forward” mentioned Joseph Roque, newly elected Chairman. “It is important we organize as young progressives in our community as we work to get the vote out for Ambassador Phil Murphy moving into November.”

This leadership team is comprised of four leaders and lifelong democrats of Latino descent, all under the age of 30.

During the reorganization meeting, the top vote getters from the County Committee were recognized in each ward. Ward 1’s top vote leader from District 1 was Teresa Morejon, Ward 2’s top vote leader from District 1 was Lorraine ‘Dee Dee’ Morrell; and Ward 3’s top vote leader from District 8 was Adelaida Alard.

“I am proud that our West New York Democratic Committee shares my vision of empowering and building the next generation of our community’s leaders” discussed Mayor Felix E. Roque, MD. “These four young leaders embody the spirit and skills needed to continue moving our town forward, today I say to them – Together, we can continue the progress!”

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