Scam Reports are Increasing in Hoboken, Police says

The Hoboken Police Department recently received a report of a man inside the apartment of one of our residents. He was placed under arrest and charged with the offense. A situation like the one these tenants experienced was a frightful one and we hope that no one else experiences this. This is why it is very important to secure your homes as best as possible. All doors that lead to the apartment/home must be locked as well as the windows.  Do not announce vacation plans on social media or leave packages out for an extended period of times. This let’s outsiders know that there may not be anyone home. We encourage anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to immediately call the police department. Our direct line is 201-420-2100. Do not attempt to apprehend the person as you put yourself and your family in harm’s way.

   Also, there have been several incidents reported where residents were scammed during a phone call they received. The most recent scam reported was one in which the caller states they have a relative of theirs and they will kill that person unless the victim sends money by way of money gram. Usually the caller would ask that the victim send the money to another country, in this case Puerto Rico. If anyone receives a phone call such as this one, do not engage the caller. They will continuously keep you on the phone talking, hoping that fear sets in until the victim sends the money. Instead, hang up and immediately call your relative and confirm their whereabouts.

   The other scam is related to the website Several reports have been made where the victim receives a check larger than the agreed amount. The sender of the check will ask the victim to deposit the check, keep the agreed amount and send the rest to a specific address. Within a day or two, the check will not clear, leaving the victim without funds in the bank. If anyone experiences this, do not deposit the check into your account. Instead, send the check back to the sender and terminate all contact with them. One must be very careful when dealing with a stranger using a website for the sale or purchase of merchandise, always do your best to verify any information you may have from the buyer or seller.

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