Speedway Gas Station Robbed at Gunpoint in Harrison

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Harrison Police is looking for two possible suspects in connection to a robbery reported early Sunday morning at Speedway Gas Station located at Passaic Avenue.

According to the Police report, on February 12th around 2.13am, a man brandishing a handgun entered the gas station, approached the attendant and was able to removed $315 from the attendant’s pocket.

The man was described as black male, between 5’08 to 5’10 weighing approximately 300 lbs. A witness who saw the incident from outside the gas station, also gave a similar description and added that another man was seen waiting in a silver dodge intrepid car when they fled the area.

While investigating the incident, Union Police notified Harrison Police that a Dodge Intrepid car was reported missing 30 minutes before the incident.

No further information is available.


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