Three Alarm Fire Reported in Union City

By Ron Jeffers

A Union City police officer assist a resident of 310-42nd Street leave her building as North Hudson firefighters battled a three-alarm fire in the dwelling, Tuesday afternoon.

An alarm was transmitted for a reported electrical fire in one of the apartments.  Second Battalion Chief Moises Valdes radioed in that he had “smoke in the area’ as he was responding to the scene.  Upon arrival, there was smoke visible in the cockloft area of the roof and flames visible from the top-floor, rear.  The chief immediately transmitted a second-alarm. 

 Fire extended into the roof area, as firefighters pulled down ceilings on the top floor to reach the concealed flames.

 City officials were assisting the displaced residents.

North Hudson Deputy Chief Mike Cranwell arrived at the scene and assumed command. Photo and Story by Ron Jeffers.-
By Ron Jeffers
By Ron Jeffers
By Ron Jeffers


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  1. Sandra Rivera

    Why is it that EMS never gets seen or credited for their good job… last time I checked we are the ones who save lives and help just as much as police/fire…. with this said,Thank you and great job UCEMS…. #recognize#appreciate#EMS