Union City honors Former Mayor Arthur Wichert with a Street Renaming Ceremony


Arthur Wichert served as the honorable Mayor of Union City from 1982 until 1986 and has worked with every election for the past 52 years. In his honor, Mayor Brian P. Stack and the commisioners felt that it was fitting to rename 16th street from West street to Bergenline avenue as ” Mayor Arthur Wichert Way”.

The ceremony was held right on 16th street and Wichert’s family and friends all attended. Mayor Stack and the commissioners all came up to speak highly of the former Mayor. “Mayor Arthur Wichert is the epitome of public service” stated Mayor Stack.

The ceremony ended with the reveal of the new sign or the renamed street. Wichert and his family were all so proud and excited. Wichert appreciates that he was recognized for his hard work all of these years and is so happy that years from now his children can always remember his legacy whenever they go down the new street “Mayor Arthur Wichert Way”.

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