100% Smoke Free in North Bergen. An ordinance was introduce at this week’s commissioner’s meeting which bans smoking on pubic grounds and parks in North Bergen. The township will vote on the ordinance at the March 13th meeting at 5pm.



  1. You can’t smoke but you can BREATH all the CONTAMINATION from EAGLE RECYCLING all the DIESEL FUEL from the TRUCKS, TRAINS and all other air born Polluants in North Bergen ..but DON”T SMOKE!

    I get it the TOBACCO companies do not donate to the elections or payoff people to look the other way!

    I am learning everyday!

    • Janice, do U have anything from EPA concerning Eagle?
      Maybe people who live there R used to it…
      But when I R in the area the air seems very polluted…
      I definitely wud not live down there…
      especially if I had young children.