14 and 17-year-old juveniles arrested and charged with Theft and Burglary, Bayonne Police say

Photo Credit: Bayonne Police Website

Two New York Juveniles of 14 and 17 years old respectively had been arrested and charged with Burglary and Theft according to Bayonne Police Department.

Juvenile #1 and Juvenile #2 were taken into custody at 0106 hours from the area of 6th Street and Newman Avenue. Officers responded to the area on a report of 2 individuals observed checking vehicle door handles in an attempt to gain entry. A description of the actors was relayed to police dispatch by the caller and dispatch broadcasted the description to all available units. Officers arrived to the area and observed 2 individuals, later identified as Juveniles #1 and #2, matching the description. As officers conducted a field check of the juveniles, Juvenile #2 fled from the officers and a foot pursuit ensued. Officers were able to subdue the juvenile on 5th Street and Avenue C and placed him into custody. A search incident to custody led to the recovery of personal property removed from a vehicle belonging to a resident of Newman Avenue. On Newman Avenue, Officers were able to locate a 2018 Subaru belonging to the 53 year old female victim and a 2008 Mazda belonging to a second victim (54 year old male of Newman Avenue) that appeared to have been ransacked. The victims were notified and confirmed that entry was made to their vehicles and contents removed. Juvenile #1 was also placed into custody and a search incident to custody led to the recovery of burglar’s tools from her person. Also in the possession of Juvenile #1 was a tote bag containing various items of personal property from the two vehicles.

Burglary (2 counts per juvenile)
Theft (2 counts per juveniles)
Burglar’s Tools (1 count per juvenile)
Obstructing a Governmental Function (Juvenile #2)


  1. What’s up with the “Ghost Car” in the picture? I would never stop for any vehicle that wasn’t clearly marked as a Police vehicle even if it has flashing lights (which you can buy online for about $90 )… especially at night when you can’t see who is driving it.

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