$183K School Administrator Reputed At Center of New Hudson Political War

Tensions are supposedly building between the top three most powerful Hudson County Democrats.

According to one report by a political blog, the cause is a political operative, Joseph Muniz, whose day job is a $183,000 gig as an administrator at Hudson County Schools of Technology. The result could be contested elections and behind the scenes maneuvering by people competing with each other for dreamed-about jobs in a new Philip Murphy gubernatorial administration, since many political observers off-the-record say they assume Murphy is a heavy favorite to win both the June Democratic primary and November general election.

Muniz is targeted by sources who blame the operative for wanting “sitdown” meetings and being a “bully.” It is unclear how or why Muniz’s demeanor would cause strained relations, not when considering the locale is Hudson County, a Manhattan suburb never considered for the faint of heart and whose toughness is reimagined in this arguably racist campaign-ad/attempt at rap music

Muniz, a North Bergen resident who owns a residence on that town’s “Doctor’s Row” of 79th Street, is by geography associated with North Bergen’s longtime mayor (and State Senator), Nick Sacco. That might mean that the blame-Joseph-Muniz game could really be sniping at Sacco because they support one of Sacco’s assumed rivals, Union City Mayor (and also State Senator) Brian Stack, and Jersey City Mayor (and perceived future statewide candidate) Steven Fulop. 

The report calls Muniz a “boogeyman” (the report embarrassingly misspells the word as “boogie man”). It does not necessarily mean there is any justification for the griping, cautioned one observer who requested anonymity to discuss this. It might mean, continued the observer, that instead of Muniz being the cause for the rising tensions, Muniz might just be the scapegoat to blame as ambitious people try to angle for appointments in state government or county government or somewhere else. 


  1. Joe Muniz, your time is up! All you care about is acquiring more contract and more money. And on top of it, you had the nerve to use the good name of the mayor of North Bergen. It’s time Nick Sacco and everyone else needs to put an end to you and your corrupted ways. HUDSON COUNTY POWER! IT’S TIME TO STOP MUNIZ AND SEND HIM BACK TO BRICKTOWN!