JERSEY CITY, NJ – Statement from Hudson County Sheriff Frank X. Schillari regarding a critical accident on Bergenline Ave., in Union City.

“At 1030 pm, Monday night Union City Police, the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office, Union City EMS and Jersey City Medical center Paramedics responded to Bergenline Avenue & 30th Street on the report of a pedestrian being struck by a vehicle.

Union City Police arrived and found 20 year old Ruben Pena, of North Bergen, unconscious on the street.  He was riding a skateboard on the sidewalk, south on Bergenline Avenue, when he continued into the intersection and was struck by a Mr. Softee truck that was traveling east on 30th street. The driver of the truck, Angel Jaya, 64, of Cliffside Park, remained at the scene.

Pena was transported by Union City and Jersey City EMS to the Jersey City Medical Center where he had to undergo emergency surgery and is currently listed in critical condition.

Crash Investigators from the Sheriff’s Office are reviewing the evidence and video from local businesses in the area.  

The truck appeared to have the right of way and Pena was wearing earbuds at the time of the crash.

The crash is still under investigation and no charges are pending at this time.”

Hudson County Sheriff Frank X. Schillari


  1. You really have to start educating pedestrians Sherriff. No matter the color of the light, they just dart in front of vehicles from left and right. Its crazy and its not always the driver’s fault. They just expect traffic to stop on a dime which is physically impossible. It is dangerous for both the pedestrian and the driver. I am certain the Mr. Softee truck was not speeding or driving recklessly.

    • I was just in nj driving and told my mom the same thing.. People just fuckin cross they don’t care, they don’t look, but it’s my fault if I hit them???

    • Used to happen to me all the time in Union City. I’m driving, my light turns green and I sit through the green because of the mob of pedestrians that are still crossing the street. If I actually went when my light turns green I would get dirty looks and people yelling obscenities at me, or people throwing things at my car like I was in the wrong to prevent them from crossing. Pedestrians having the right of way only counts if crossing with the green, not against it! I side with the driver on this one.

  2. Mr. Softee not too soft. People on skateboards, skates,or bikes need to respect signals and handle it as driving a car. People tend to blame the driver for everything but sometimes is stupidity and irresponsibility that cause accidents.

  3. Happens to often especially in bergenline people J walk and dont look at the lights i stop and drive with caution but pedestrians need to pay attention ive gotten people walking ,bikers and skateboarders they dont look at the lights