The 2014 International Women’s Day Luncheon brings quite the crowd to Son Cubano

The 2014 International Women’s Day Luncheon brings quite the crowd to Son Cubano. AnĀ impressive collection of speakers, along with Mayor Felix Roque addressed the crowd during this festive event.


  1. I am greatly surprised Mayor Roque did not also include fellow Commissioner Rodriguez as a recipient. Her illegal voteto extend the wait for the next election for board of education from April to November (along with his, as both have Conflict of Interest as both have very close relatives who are employed by the school board) gave him a pyhric victory that he will have to answer for, politically or legally.But perhaps it is fitting that his choice for Freeholder was present at the waterfront community of Port Imperial that has received so much welfare for the rich at the hands of Commissioner Rodriguez and her political mentor Albio Sires in the form of 30 tax abatements that pay no school taxes and only a pittance to the.county, that Rodriguez and Sires and Roque granted to the have-mores at Port Imperial.

  2. I don’t know mr Roque personally but, what does the comments above have to do with this event? I though i would find comments about the importance of a woman in today’s society, so my question to you guys is… don’t you guys have anything positive to say about the role of your mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, girlfriends and their accomplishments? just saying…

  3. Elena,
    I can honestly and sincerely assure you that I meant no disrepect to any of the honorees, or any woman or women. That being said, the hosting of such events bya politician who has done much damage to our town of WNY, is the refuge of a scoundrel, Mam.

  4. I have to agree with Ms Valderrama and I like to add on that note, this is not a posting about politics, this is about women issues . We don’t go to political posts and talk about our issues, I think if this post was about political issues then I would agree with Mr. Cullen, but it is not. Women came a long way and we also need to be recognized.

  5. Ms. Torres
    I do appreciate your sympathies.Again, my comments are not directed at the honorees, or any women (except Commissioner Caridad Rodriguez, who was in attendance. Now, had I shown up at the event and interrupted Mayor Roque while he was speaking, or any other speaker, I of course would have expected to be shown the door.. This is a forum for the exchange of ideas. Had I used profanity, I would fully expect my comments to be removed by HCTV. Similarly, were this a Memorial site to post comments of the departed, I would expect the site holder to have and employ greater lattitude in ensuring that posts are respectful. I salute HCTV for recognizing my right to express my opinions in their forum as long as I abide
    by their policies.

  6. this is actually an improvement for patrick…at least he didn’t go on a long rant about ruben vargas!

  7. Where are all the criminals Roque usually surrounds himself with? I forgot they only show at night and in dark alleys to donate money to Roque. Where is Cribeiro,Coca,Abreu, Bianca and Manny Pereiras,Prudencio, Acosta and all the other convicts and ethically challenged individuals Mayor Roque usually surrounds himself with? We hear half are at The US Attorney’s Office giving statements on how it all works in WNY.

      • Cubanito is all knowing and will not stop until Corruption in WNY is weeded out. Cubanito could be anyone. Cubanito is tired of Corrupt officials trying to push the weak and defenseless around. Cubanito might even be sitting close and listening the next time you eat out.

        • cubanito is a weirdo then if they want to sit next to me while i eat! we all know who cubanito is maybe cubanote your not so small šŸ˜‰

  8. Cubanito-Cubanote call me what you want but it is I who is exposing all the corruption in WNY. Mark I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I must tell you I am not alone. There is an army of supporters gathering to remove those individuals from office who use WNY to stuff their bank accounts at the expense of poor taxpayers. We have the manpower. We have the financial backing of the business community and we have the hard working people of WNY behind us.
    Mark From this moment forward I will now be known as we.

    We The People Of WNY!

  9. I, too, am one of We, the People of WNY. Wherever there is injustice, you will find Tom Joad and Us. Wherever the few who claim to have the greater good as their passion but seek self enrichment at the expense of their fellow WNY’rs, you will find WE, The People of WNY standing up to them. When you see a mayor and another commissioner break town code chapter 36 Code of Ethics, predicated on NJ Local Government Ethics Law, which they proceed to break also on the night of 2/19/14, one of the darkest days in WNY history, then you can BE SURE that WE, THE PEOPLE WILL NOT REST until Our Town of WNY is FREE from their ilk.

  10. what will you have to sell when you aren’t a freeholder? you’ll lose the salary and car with the free gas…