Domestic Violence Response Team Volunteers

Juan Flores, 29 yr old male from Union City has been arrested after hitting a female EMT and a Hoboken Police Officer.

On Saturday, August 11th, 2018, at approximately 3:35AM, Officers Harold Milne and Fabian Quinones were at Hoboken University Medical Center when they were approached by one of their security guards. An arriving patient was being combative with the EMT’s on the outside of the hospital. The patient was identified as 29 year old Juan Flores of Union City.

Flores who was found passed out from intoxication in Union City and was now fighting with medical personnel trying to assist him. After punching a female EMT in the chest, Officer Milne intervened and attempted to calm Flores down.

Flores responded by punching Officer Milne in the face. After a brief struggle Officers Milne and Quinones with the assistance of other officers arriving on scene were able to place him under arrest. Flores had to be restrained at the hospital.

Flores was charged with Aggravated Assault for striking the Officers and EMT and Resisting Arrest.

After treatment and processing,  Flores was remanded to the Hudson County Correctional Facility.