3 New Police Officers are sworn in during ceremony in West New York. Despite crime being down 26% according to Town Hall, the Township of West New York decided to swear in 3 new officers for duty effective immediately.
Orlando Garcia (35), born in North Bergen and raised in West New York, volunteered for the Town’s Recreation Department and graduated from Memorial High School before becoming a basketball coach, and then a dispatcher for the West New York Police Department.

David Funcasta (28), born in Secaucus, is a lifelong resident of West New York. He received a Bachelor’s in Music Business from Full Sail University and worked for many years at Health Center Pharmacy in West New York before moving on to a career in law enforcement.

Carin Carrasquillo (33), is a lifelong resident of West New York who enlisted in the US Navy for four years after graduating from Memorial High School. She graduated with an Associate’s in Criminal Justices from HCCC and is finishing up her Bachelor’s in Sociology from NJCU.


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  2. I am happy to see more cops on the street grow up I own a business for 20 years stop making safety a political issue and yes go define town was best under Mr d

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    Do you really think The Federales (FBI) are investing more resources into WNY for no reason? Roque you are done! Roque…did you really think supporting Menendez and naming a school after him was going to end your legal troubles and give your administration a license to steal?

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