$35M apartment complex coming to Bayonne spring 2018

City officials in Bayonne, joined by developers broke ground today on a luxury apartment complex, ’19 East’. The $35M project is slated to open spring 2018.

It’s a win-win situation no matter how you look at it and just what Bayonne needs, according to Mayor Jimmy Davis and Geoffrey Long, development principal — from Collingswood-based Ingerman.

Long says they were working on this project for a good year and a half, trying to bring it to fruition.

The 138-unit luxury apartment building with 200 plus parking spaces on two decks and four stories above will extend from 19th street to 21st street.

Studios and one and two-bedrooms, Long says the building will also boast an on-site gym, yoga room, juice bar, residential community space on each floor, roof decks, and an office center.

According to Long, the price tag to rent here: $1,800 to $2,400.

You can’t underestimate the significance of revitalizing a parking lot.

“Talking about just pumping so much revenue and spending power onto Broadway,” Long says.  “It’s really invigorating the retail center.”


  1. They don’t get it…taxpayers say NO to abatements…and we gave this developer 400,000…of our money…..and resnicks project is Dumbmarco brother who is VP of mack cali development..how much is he making on the taxpayers…..no wonder West new York fired JOEY…out in may 2018.

  2. This town and people are so far behind, welcome to the future. All the surrounding cities gave abatements and the scaled back when progress was made. our city is 20 years behind and we need start catching up! Our business district is no longer one. I’ve seen many friends and families move out because this once thriving city is dying. I’ve seen it. I lost two retail business here. Something has to be done. And at least this is a start. And someone has the balls to do it! Thanks Mayor!!!!!!

  3. Good bye Bayonne…..This is more likely the beginning of the end of a small town feel. Look at the mess they made of downtown JC… All you are going to see is people moving in… People moving out….. over crowded schools… More traffic then you can imagine. As these developers live in their 20 million dollar mansions on 10 acres sprawling estates… BTW not in Bayonne.