Hudson County Sheriff’s Office Arrests 38 Accused Criminals in October Warrant Sweep

HUDSON COUNTY, NJ — Under the direction of Sheriff Frank X. Schillari, the Hudson County Sheriff’s office has taken 38 accused criminals off of the streets as part of its “Autumn Sweep” operation. Three additional warrant sweeps will be conducted throughout Hudson County in the coming days in order to keep local residents safe and ensure that accused criminals stand trial and are not allowed to evade the criminal justice system.

“I am incredibly proud of our officers for the work that they have done to protect the people of Hudson County,” said Sheriff Schillari. “By taking these alleged criminals off our streets, we are ensuring the safety of all our residents and improving the quality of life in our communities. My office is sending a clear message to these individuals that if you break the law and commit a crime, there are consequences. With each arrest, we are accomplishing our core goal of promoting safety in all 12 Hudson County municipalities.”

The charges in the involved arrests include accused crimes of aggravated assault with a firearm, robbery, terroristic threats, criminal sexual contact and unlawful possession of a weapon charges. These warrant sweeps are conducted throughout the year and demonstrate the commitment of the Sheriff’s Office to getting dangerous individuals off of Hudson County streets.

The following is the list of those individuals who were arrested:

Aggravated Assault with Firearm:

Hayer Habdi (29) of Jersey City

Shakel Gordon (22) of Jersey City

Tywon Cottle (35) of Jersey City

Shayla Daniels (33) of Jersey City

Mark Spivey (53) of Newark, also with a closed-out Child Support Warrant for $10,181.


Unlawful Possession of a Weapon:

Bryan Canales (19) of Guttenberg

Leonardo Garcia (65) of North Bergen



Jason Khusial (18) of Jersey City


Terroristic Threats:

Robert Brozowski (30) of Yonkers, NY


Theft Charges

Alicia Trakewicz (44) of Bayonne

Marco Delahoz Torres (21) of Weehawken

Tavain Woods, (20) of Jersey City

Faakhim WIlson (40) of Newark

Francisco Torres (33) of Union City

Kelvin Polanco (28) of Bayonne

Alshameik Tate (20) of Jersey City

Delia DelValle (41) of Jersey City



Isaiah Antoine (18) of Maplewood, NJ

Dana McCann (67) of Swanee, GA


Arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance

Bruce Merrite (55) of Jersey City

Wayne Little (60) of Jersey City

Bruce Simmons (59) of Jersey City

Stphen Pitysingh (33) of Jersey City

Richard Ross (51) of Jersey City

Edward Kates (50) of Jersey City

Julius Harley (51) of Jersey City

Stephanie Schmmenti (53) of Jersey City

Terrance Robinson (44) of Newark

Michael Kennelly (31) of North Bergen

Michael Boutillette (31) of Barnegat, NJ

Angel Santiago (55) of Paterson, NJ


Arrests for Burglary

Terrance Thornton (26) of Jersey City

Jason Martinez (26) of Cliffside Park

Kennet Rice (40) of Jersey City


Criminal Sexual Assault

Corey Bell (30) of Jersey City


Child Support Warrants:

Tyrone Gardner, (50) of Jersey City for $115,904

Peter Adams (53) of Jersey City for $58,899

Christian Pacheco (27) of Union City for $57,176



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