5 lbs of Marijuana Confiscated in North Bergen. Local & State police made a narcotic bust at a residence in North Bergen.



  1. what a waste of police resources. it’s like watching an episode of Boardwalk Empire and th Feds making a booze bust. Do we really need to be treated like children? if marijuana is illegal shouldn’t booze be as well. after all, there were 193 drunk driving deaths in nj in 2011 not to mention all of the other issues with alcohol addiction, spousal abuse, etc..

  2. Also…I think this Chief of Police will evetualy gain recognition far beyond our town(ship!!!)

  3. There are rumors that there are alot more drug dealers in North Bergen NJ that pay off the local police if that is true this is another area that needs to be investigated!? And soon! They hardly ever do anything in North Bergen NJ with drug dealers and yes I guess I have wondered why? Why all of a sudden they decide to take action? They needed to do this investigation years ago!

  4. This town North Bergen New Jersey does not have enough drug busts the rumor is that our police are taking payoffs! Quite frankly I believe it there needs to be an outside investigation of North Bergen Police Department Hey Chasing New Jersey where are you when we need you?