A Shouting Match at the West New York Special Meeting

A Shouting Match at the West New York Special Meeting. Commissioner Count Wiley and Town Attorney Gilberto Garcia engage in a war of words as they looked to place blame on why Eagle Recycling billed the city.



    • I love it every time Gil tries to brow beat The Count! U R violating the Law! U R violating the Law. Translated: Please shut up! Please shut up! U R “violating!” me & Felix!!!
      The Felix/Gil team reminds me of Oscar Wilde’s The Portrait of Dorian Gray…or more contemporarily Master/Blaster from ThunderDome!!!
      Felix keeps accusing The Count of Reckless Behavior; & Gil of him Hurting the town… & Noboy’s going to pay attention to U, U R loosing creditability!!!
      No WE R PAYING attention!!!
      & The Count can tell U when I first came to WNY THM I openly disrespected him…
      Count I Apologize!!!
      & when he produces that letter my only regret will be that I M an NB resident & can’t sign the recall petition!!!
      KUDOS COUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Indicted Roque, and Gil Garcia are at it again!!Wiley will
    have the paperwork and again us residents will have to
    pay for his lawsuit.
    Residents sign the recall and let’s protest till these two
    a**holes leave our town!!!


  2. Wow. In a moment of reminiscing I decided to lookup west new york (the town I grew up in, I now live in Texas) and boy some things never change back in 1971 I remember when Mayor Armellino was convicted of working with the mob. Looks like city corruption has not changed in the last 40 years. (BTW, we also have corruption in small town Texas as well)