Activist Plans Grassroots Primary War On Sweeney, Weinberg, Other Top Democrats For "Selling Out" Working Class

With a Republican President about to take office, and Republican Governor Chris Christie term limited with an 18% job approval rating, some Democratic activists say that now is the time to fix the Democratic Party, then time to fix New Jersey.

Here is Jeff Meyer, a Democratic activist behind a new grassroots movement. He has a website — LetsTakeBackOurParty dot com. And he has a plan. 

Meyer is optimistic. He says, “This is a Democratic state.” But he says some top state Democrats are the problem and it’s time for them to go. 

Those top Democrats? They include the Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, and another powerful South Jersey Senator, Steve Sweeney. 

Why? Meyer says Weinberg is a “sellout.” “She sold out her constituents,” says Meyer. 

The recent gas tax increase, signed by Governor Christie, that now gives New Jersey drivers among the highest state gas taxes in the nation is the prime example of the broken “transactional” politics that Meyer says is to blame for New Jersey’s problems.

The solution, says Meyer, is to run candidates in every legislative race in New Jersey. All 120 legislative seats (40 senators, 80 assembly representatives across the state) are up for election in 2017. Meyer says he’s targeting a whole bunch of districts, namely districts 1 through 7 in South Jersey, but also Senator Weinberg’s seat in District 37.

Meyer says his plan is to use Hudson County incumbents like County Executive Tom DeGise, State Senators Brian Stack and Nicholas Sacco, and Assemblyman Vincent Prieto as models for how to connect with the grassroots.

Democrats already start with some advantages. Hillary Clinton carried New Jersey by 14 points in November, and won Hudson County by nearly 50 points. But time is a factor. The 2017 Democratic primary is in June, which is only five months away.

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  1. Hudson county has become one of the best run counties. North Bergen cannot be beat in less crime, cleaner streets, new sidewalks, street lights. Best town, best mayor.
    Christie should clean his bridgegate, and become a real sitting governor. How much have we paid for his lawyers?

  2. Sacco, Depietro, DeGise. No thanks. We’ve got no one else to run a campaign against sellout dems but sellout dems? I know that Sacco and Depietro are triple dipping so why on earth would we want more of that?

  3. They ALL need to be gone. the Entire establishment on both sides. I think that people have yet to learn the lesson of this election. It’s the establishment that lost. The GOP won nothing.

  4. Where do you start with a story like this ? I changed my Party affiliation this year (S.Jersey) because the Democrat Party is beyond repair. Of course we’ve been sold out. I’d like nothing better than to see the Sweeny Mafia retired, I’m on the fence with Weinberg,I’ve been in her corner on some key issue’s that I’m behind, but who do you replace her with ?
    Not the least bit interested in a Dem party remade on line’s of voting blocks and a multitude of minority interests.
    This guy is trying to eat an elephant one bite at a time. Qui bono ? It’s deja vu all over again.