A standing room only crowd was packed into Rumba Cubana in Guttenberg this morning to see Kim Guardagno announce her running mate, Carlos Rendo, the Republican Mayor of WoodCliff Lake in Bergen County.

Carlos Rendo is a native of Cuba who attended Emerson High School in Union City. Rendo a successful attorney, became the first hispanic Mayor of Woodcliff Lake in 2015.

“I am thrilled to have Carlos on the team,” Guadagno said; “His story embodies the American Dream and is a testament to all that is possible in New Jersey. As mayor of Woodcliff Lake, Carlos has built a reputation as a strong, bipartisan leader and advocate for lower taxes, open space and transparent government. As lieutenant governor, he will put that experience to work for New Jersey families to help me lower property taxes and audit all aspects of Trenton.”

Carlos was also thrilled to be the other half of Guardagno’s ticket.

“I am so honored and humbled to stand with Kim Guadagno today as her running mate,” Carlos added; “Kim’s vision for New Jersey is my vision for New Jersey, and I know that together, we will work tirelessly to ensure our state is once again an affordable, prosperous place where families can thrive.”

They want New Jersey families to be able to live here, raise kids here, grandchildren here and be able to afford it.

They talked about delivering immediate property tax relief.

From one end of the state to the other, making this a better state to live in and even bringing jobs over from New York.