Airlines Suspend Flights to Israel Amid Rising Tensions

Airlines Suspend Flights to Israel

Airlines Suspend Flights to Israel Amid Rising Tensions

In light of the recent surge in hostilities, major airlines have temporarily halted their operations in and out of Israel. This decision comes after Israel’s response to a significant attack by Hamas, leading to intensified conflict in the region.

Reports indicate that Israel targeted over 1,000 locations in Gaza, while Palestinian militants retaliated with rocket attacks, triggering air raid alarms in major cities like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. A video circulating online shows smoke emerging near Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport.

The airport’s digital flight board displayed numerous cancellations and delays, with a few flights still in operation, primarily by Israel’s El Al airline. Other regional airlines, such as Turkey’s Pegasus Airlines and Greece’s Blue Bird Airways, also had some active flights.

Major U.S. airlines, including American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines, have suspended their services. The U.S. State Department has also issued travel warnings for the area, highlighting the risks of terrorism and civil unrest. These airlines are closely monitoring the situation and will make necessary operational adjustments based on safety considerations.

European and Asian airlines have also paused their flights, offering passengers refunds and flexibility in rebooking. Air France, Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Wizz Air, easyJet, British Airways, and KLM are among the airlines that have made announcements regarding their operations to and from Israel.

The primary concern for all these airlines remains the safety and security of their passengers and crew. They will continue to assess the situation and make decisions accordingly.

Source: News 12 NJ