Albio Sires Elementary School has now become a reality in West New York

Albio Sires Elementary School has now become a reality in West New York. West New York Native and U.S. Representative Albio Sires was honored today as Public School #4 was renamed in his honor, in addition, Mayor Felix Roque talks about the trial.


  1. Sires, REALLY?! This guys has changed parties more times than a child in a candy store. WNY has gone down hill since Sires, Vega & Roque took over. It’s a shame to see these fools destroy this once great town.

  2. I wonder: Who was in charge of sending out the invitations? Did Munoz and Del Valle decided on their own to come and show their pretty faces? Were they invited?
    Can anybody answer me that?

  3. HahA you dumb azz’s in WNY get what u deserve.

    Roque and his Compadre’s next should erect a statue of their Great Father Fidel Castro at 60th street and Bergenline in WNY or 32nd street and Bergenline Ave Union City.

    This would be a nice thing to do next YES?

  4. Emilio De Valle is a poor excuse for a father just ask his children (they hate him) just ask his friends (he doesn’t have any) just ask his multiple ex-wives (he physically and verbally abused them) especially ask his daughter she says her father died when she was a child. I don’t know why this lowlife thinks he belongs in WNY! Emilio should go and crawl back under whatever rock he came out of. This trash is a poor excuse for a man.

  5. Awwww leave poor Emilio Del Valle alone he and Freeholder Munoz are just doing Mayor Nick Sacco and Herb Klitzner’s bidding. Roque wake up and smell the coffee big boy, Sacco and Herb are stealing your Town right from under your nose!

  6. I use to support Roque how in the hell can you support Menendez & Sires when they were trying 2 hurt you & your family Doc I think you need a doctor yourself stand up & start acting like a man be a leader not a follower ok…..