Alternate Side Parking to be Enforced on All of Avenue A in Bayonne Effective August 6


The Bayonne Parking Utility announced that it would start enforcing alternate side of the street parking on all of Avenue A on Tuesday, August 6, 2019.  Public Works Director Tom Cotter said, “The Department of Public Works does mechanical street-sweeping on Avenue A.  Until now, we have avoided alternate side parking enforcement below North Street, due to the Bayonne Bridge reconstruction project.  We have been sweeping there for two months, but not issuing tickets.”  Director Cotter continued, “During that period, people have had ample time to get used to the street-sweeping schedule. Now that the Bayonne Bridge work is done, the Parking Utility can extend enforcement to all of Avenue A.”

The Public Works sweepers clean the East side of Avenue A on Tuesdays and the West side of Avenue A on Fridays.



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    1. When is west 48 th st between blvd and bay getting cleaned ?? Have not had a sweeper there in years !!!! Across from Gregg park where all the apartment houses are.

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