Newport Mall AMC theatre rat infestation
image courtesy of creative commons

Jersey City Theater Temporarily Shuts Down Amid Rat Concerns


JERSEY CITY, NJ — The AMC theaters located at Newport Mall in Jersey City have announced a temporary closure. While the theater’s website cites “unforeseen maintenance” as the reason, recent reports from suggest that the closure was mandated by Jersey City’s Health Department due to concerns about a rat infestation.

The rat issue is not new to parts of Hudson County. Neighboring Hoboken has been battling a significant rat problem for an extended period, highlighting the severity of the situation in the region. In an effort to address the crisis, Hoboken has distributed 1,500 lidded trash containers to local businesses and residents this week.

The theater’s closure comes at a pivotal time, as they were scheduled to host multiple screenings of the Taylor Swift The Eras Tour concert film starting Friday, Oct. 13. It remains uncertain if the theater will resume operations in time for the scheduled showings.