Amy DeGise Calls on Brian Stack to Support Plan to End Voter Intimidation Tactics by Either Side

JERSEY CITY, NJ — Hudson Democratic Chair Candidate Amy DeGise is calling on her opponent Brian Stack to agree to a plan that would protect Democratic County Committee Members from any intimidation tactics by either side.

Last week DeGise charged that Mayor Steven Fulop is personally urging some Jersey City committee members to sign letters of resignation that would allow new members to be appointed in their place. Stack replied by stating that Fulop would “never ask committee people to resign,” and now he is falsely accusing his opponent of engaging in the same behavior.

DeGise is now proposing a plan that would prevent any vacancies that are caused by a committee member resigning after May 8 from being filled by replacements – and she’s challenging Stack to agree to it.

“Three committee people have told us that they were approached by Mayor Fulop and his people and asked to resign just in the past week,” said DeGise. “Mayor Stack says that he doesn’t believe this is true and that he would never condone it under any circumstances. Therefore I am calling on Mayor Stack to agree that no vacancies caused by a resignation after May 8 should be filled by any Hudson County Democratic Municipal Committee on either side. If Stack is sincere, he should have no problem joining me in this declaration.”

“People who were duly elected to serve on the Democratic County Committee deserve to be treated with respect and to have their civil rights protected at all times,” said DeGise. “I sincerely hope that Mayor Stack will agree to this very simple plan that will do just that.”