Angelie’s Law enforces crackdown on jitney buses. The passage of Angelie’s Law in honor of the 8-month-old baby girl killed in a bus accident in West New York increases oversight on commuter buses.


  1. Just look at this VICIOUS CIRCLE from Hudson County there all on the take now all of a sudden there concerned Sacco the biggest taker & that IDIOT standing behind him just ask him how many of these bus companies donated & bought tickets to his affairs he’s a real PHONY….

  2. The regulations need to be made “serious/onerous!” enuf that these dangerous & 2nd rate buses & service disappear from our communities’ streets.
    U won’t see these pieces of crap! busses in rich communities. They wud never tolerate it!
    & Then…NJTransit needs to be providing bus service for 100% of all the needs of all NJ riders—as Mandated!