Quick Check customers in Harrison got an earful Monday when a man started yelling at them in front of the store.

An officer with the Harrison Police Department witnessed the incident.

Det. Corey Karas approached the man, identified as Michael Coulanges.

He asked Coulanges to leave the area and the 31-year-old replied, “Suck my di–.”

Then he asked Coulanges to stop, but he kept walking.

The Newark resident was arrested and officers found he had multiple warrants, including Newark Municipal Court for $2,500, Bloomfield Municipal Court for $500 and Camden Municipal Court for $100.

They awaited a response from one of the jurisdictions where the warrants were issued.

Coulanges was also charged with contempt, for disobeying a judicial order.


  1. It’s always the fuck the cops guys that are hiding something. ..we definitely don’t need people that act this way on the street…take your time getting him to all the towns he has warrants in…..make him pay so he doesn’t embareass you police again…