Freeholder Candidate Anthony Vainieri files petitions for upcoming elections. Vainieri will be challenged by North Bergen Police Sargeant Henry Marrero


  1. Sounds like a complete idiot. For ten years he walk by me in the school without saying hello, and now Mr. Friendly want my vote. Yea Right! I vote for the devil before I would give him my vote.

    • Best school Robert Fulton the douche of a security guard never takes his eyes off his cell phone I walked in asked to go to bathroom never took his eyes off his cell phone told me yes and I walked out through the side door!!!

  2. Hey Lisa get real here if it was such a big deal for 10 years he didnt say hi then why didnt you say hi to him??????? COMMON SENSE he’s an approachable guy!!! So u say you’d rather vote for the devil then I guess ur voting for Henry cause he’s the DEVIL

  3. ****Some fun facts about this freeholder candidate you never knew********

    07/25/1996- Sale of Property located at 5625 Kennedy Boulevard, North Bergen, is shown between RHR Realty ( Seller) to ALfran Realty, L.P ( Buyer) for the amount of $875,000.
    ***Both buyer and seller are listed as entities of Frank Huttle, husband of Valerie Vanieri-Huttle.

    05/27/1998- Sale of property located at 5637-5707 Kennedy Boulevard, North Bergen, is shown between Value Line, Inc (Seller) and Alfran Realty North LP. For the amount of $580,000.

    9-23-99- This is first date of agreement between Township of North Bergen and Alfran Realty for “Long Term Tax Abatement”.

    May 15th 2007- Valerie Vanieri-Huttle lists property at 5625 Kennedy Boulevard on her Legislator’s financial disclosure statement for 2006. This property is listed as for “investment purposes”.

    July 12th 2007- Anthony Vanieri signs off on resolution with the North Bergen Board of Adjustment approving the submitted plans by Alfran Realty to develop this area. Mr, Vanieri signed this off on this resolution as chairman of the Board of Adjustment. At no time, did he ever disclose the relationship or conflict of interest with this submission to the Board of Adjustment.
    ** Please note that this project was being represented by Dennis Oury, Esq.*****

    5/19/2008-Alfran Realty sells property to Avalon bay for $8,800,000.00
    August 9th 2010- North Bergen Retail Urban Renewal LLC is formed in the State of Delaware as a L.L.C.

    ***Eventually, this is the entity they used for the final approval of long term tax abatement****
    August 27th, 2010- State of New Jersey, Department of Community Affairs approves North Bergen Retail Urban Renewal LLC as a foreign LLC company of an urban renewal entity under the “long term tax exemption law” with the state of New Jersey.

    1/26/2011- Mayor and Commissioners of North Bergen pass ordinance approving, town administrator, Chris Pianese, to enter in to financial agreement for 30 year tax abatement with North Bergen Retail Urban Renewal LLC.

    1/31/2011- Harry Mayo III, Planning Board chairman, receives application from Mayo, Lynch & Associates Inc regarding application for development and special exclusions needed for development.

    3/3/2011- North Bergen Planning Board approves final plans for Avalon Bay.

    3/15/2011- Application made to Mayor Sacco to 30 year tax abatement. Later on in the month, the town approves via ordinance the tax abatement for this development.


    This property, which was also known as the old Goodman Factory, was a prime spot of real estate that was owned by Bassad Realty. Their plans for construction on this property were halted, due to chemical contamination that was found at this development site. Once this occurred, the property proceeded to change hands, thus financially benefitting the Vanieri and Huttle family tremendously. They profited over $8 million dollars on the sale of this property to Avalon Bay. After researching all of this matter, no evidence has been discovered that the property was properly re-mediated of the contamination that was in the soil. In addition, there has been a DCA complaint filed in regards to violation of building codes that exist in this development as we speak. The Vanieri’s uses a shell real estate company, Natone Realty, which is listed under the same address of their funeral home. Yet, there is no physical proof of any such business at this location. In addition, Anthony Vanieri Jr has an inactive real estate license as of July 2011. Yet, he is listed as an active real estate agent under Sadlon Realty, which is run by Paul Sadlon, township tax assessor.
    Further research has shown, the Valerie Vanieri-Huttle played a major part in the acquisition and financial gain of the property. She utilized her husband’s various real estate entities to mask the fact that this overall development has numerous questionable legalities. Anthony Vanieri is guilty of approving this project under the Board of Adjustment, while sitting as its chairman. At no time, has he ever disclosed the conflict of interest that was evident from the beginning. In closing, public documents will show that once 2010 came around, this project was fast tracked from conception to actual construction.

    • Excuse me Mr brain surgeon, that went before the planning board. Call town hall to confirm. Nice try again. Must be coming from Mr Joe m, the criminal!!! Lets get our info straight!!!

      • Go ask Bassad Realty how they got screwed on this property. Please, don’t insult the intelligence of the residents. Maybe if you took some brain surgeon classes and viewed public documents, you would not have such a ludicrous response. So, Phil, Paul, or whomever you are…go do your homework

  4. Anthony, I mean Lena how come you forgot to tell us today that your sister hasn’t talk to you in almost a year? Lucky she doesn’t live in North Bergen she be voting for Henry.

  5. wow George that pretty deep if its all factual…8 Million dollar profit wow…very big web there,again if its all factual…Henry morrero For Freeholder…..Time for real changes and an end of these wicked webs of deception.

    • All Factual via OPRA and records via Hudson County and the State of New Jersey. And I agree that Marrero for Freeholder is way to go….

  6. Heard little Anthony looked out of place last night! For the first time he actually had to go up to people and say hello. This shouldn’t
    be too difficult for a real and true person.

  7. It would really be nice to know his goals? Other then drinking and womanizing , I couldn’t even guess what he stands for.