Anti-human trafficking movement receives proclamation from Hudson County Board of Freeholders. The group is attempting to educate the public about human trafficking efforts in the area that could reach a head during Super Bowl weekend.


  1. these laws actually increase the very crimes and actions they are seeking to stop. the more prohibitions and laws you add only ensures that the very worst members of society choose pimping as a reasonable means of employment. however, if it was legalized and regulated, law enforcement could instead use the resources they are using to try and arrest all involved in prostitution with only trying to arrest those preying on underage people and those held against their will. Seems like a much more effective way to stop or severely limit the problem. the vast majority of men who use the services of an escort/prostitute would choose one that is regulated and legitimate rather than one that is not.

  2. Human trafficking also consists of charges brought up on the the (court) system and(police) department. ..this is a great subject to build more on