Police Chatter called the Incident as "Anti-Police Protests"
Police Chatter called the Incident as “Anti-Police Protests”


Although, original reports of an anti-police protest were mentioned during Police chatters as well as on Twitter. Dozens of people got together in a Peaceful Protest against Police Brutality at Jersey City City Hall. Originally, it was also said that Protesters were resisting Police Commands in the area of Grand St and Jersey Avenue.




  1. Your headline is very misleading and adding to the confusion. It was not a Anti-Police protest. It was an outcry for Justice. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. I stand up to injustice everyday ….the day a politician fights honestly for those rights for all. I continue reaching out to and connecting with all humans (not minorities ) @ my everyday place of business and my everyday life. Behind closed doors this may not b an issue n that’s sad.

  3. N no one i believe is anti police???? Seriously we’re all mostly anti senseless murder n aquittal. Idc if it was a cop or neighbor or even family for the matter wrong is wrong catch him (u have ur suspects in color cctv) arrest and prosecute…simple. had that been a African American man and a respected Caucasian man he’d be under the jail by now with no bail. And if he had a bail my man’s bail would b n the millions. Just be loyal to those who bust their ass to pay civil salaries. Respect me us n ur job as u would expect in ur position. That’s all. If I blow up my job countless times on camera for no just reason guess what I’m fired and prosecuted sooooooo what r we waiting for???? Come on America