Armed Robbery at Boost Mobile in Union City



An armed robbery has taken place at Boost Mobile located at 25th st and Bergenline Avenue in Union City on the January 13th evening. According to the Police Chatter, a suspect described as a black male of hispanic or african-american descent around 6-feet tall with a red hoddie is being sought. Suspect fled south on Bergenline Avenue. A gun was shown.

Originally, HCTV posted this story with Boost Mobile located at 3920 Bergenline Avenue but when investigated further, HCTV found out that the robbery took place at the 25th st and Bergenline location.



  1. What channel is this on…HUDSON county news….and the time…
    I have Verizon if that helps…thank you….

  2. People will get around no matter what….it has nothing to do with light rail…people walk, drive, use bikes…However thug life is growing

  3. You guys always manage to screw up the true story this isn’t the first time this happens. Smh