Four Suspects Arrested in Connection with Armed Robbery Home Invasion

Bergen County Home Invasion
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Bergen County Home Invasion: Four Suspects Apprehended in Coordinated Raids

Maywood-Bergen County, NJ – In a significant breakthrough, law enforcement officials announced the arrest of four individuals in connection with an armed home invasion that occurred in Maywood last November. The suspects, identified as DERICK DE LA ROSA, ISMAEL CARRASCO-DE LA ROSA, JOAQUIN PORTORREAL-GARCIA, and FRANCISCO ROJAS-CORPORAN, were apprehended in a series of coordinated raids across New Jersey and New York.

On November 11, 2022, three of the suspects allegedly forced entry into a residence on Terrace Avenue in Maywood, demanding cash from the homeowners. The situation escalated when one of the perpetrators pointed a semi-automatic firearm at a resident. The trio subsequently fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of cash, with a fourth accomplice waiting in a getaway vehicle.

The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office (BCPO) and the Maywood Police Department spearheaded the investigation. Their efforts, combined with the collaboration of the FBI-NJ Violent Crimes Task Force and the FBI-NY Safe Streets Task Force, led to the arrests on August 17, 2023. The raids targeted locations in Perth Amboy, NJ; Bronx, NY; and Yonkers, NY.

The charges against the suspects are extensive. FRANCISCO ROJAS-CORPORAN, for instance, faces charges including first-degree armed robbery, second-degree conspiracy to commit armed robbery, and various weapons offenses. The other three suspects, DERICK DE LA ROSA, ISMAEL CARRASCO-DE LA ROSA, and JOAQUIN PORTORREAL-GARCIA, are also facing similar charges.

Currently, all four suspects are in custody. ROJAS-CORPORAN is detained at the Bergen County Jail, while DERICK DE LA ROSA is at the Westchester County Department of Corrections. JOAQUIN PORTORREAL-GARCIA and ISMAEL CARRASCO-DE LA ROSA are held at Rikers Island, all awaiting extradition to New Jersey.

Bergen County Prosecutor Mark Musella emphasized that the charges are mere allegations at this point. The accused are presumed innocent until proven guilty. He also expressed gratitude to all the law enforcement agencies involved for their dedication and collaboration.

The community now awaits the legal proceedings, hoping for justice in this alarming case of armed robbery and home invasion.

source: Daily voice