It was their annual holiday party and the Army National Guard did it in style at the Waterside Restaurant in North Bergen on Sunday.

“Having a chance for all our families to be together, enjoy really good food and good scenery is such a wonderful, wonderful moment for us,” says Cdr. Debra Cho, from Charlie Company 250 BSB.

They were there to help out the 250th Unit by working reception, giving toys to the families and handing out raffle tickets.

“We want to make sure they enjoy their holiday party, so we’ll step into that role as volunteers — and help out these soldiers that are currently on active duty, because us ourselves — we’re made up of veterans as well,” says Aroch Bolanos, platoon leader of The Mission Continues Newark.

He’s the creator/writer and producer of the 42nd Rainbow Division TV Miniseries and says he feels honored and loves being around these guys.

“I’ve had the opportunity to talk to so many of ’em face to face and understand their commitment to this country and to what we represent,” Alan Sands says.

Take a path with purpose, be part of something bigger than yourself. They do it every day. So 
at this time of year — they more than deserve time to unwind and share camaraderie with their fellow soldiers.

“On a daily it’s so hard, ya know we’re working  — we have this job and that job, our weekends are mostly for guard drills, so having a chance to be with your family,” Cho says means a lot.

The National Guard responds when disaster strikes at home. They also answer the call when their country needs them around the world.

“Being a police officer and being a solider in the Army National Guard, I have the two best careers that a person could hope for,” says Sgt. Eric Crafton, who organized the event.