The 32nd District Assemblyman discusses his proposal for an increase and why it needs to be discussed in the legislature. 


  1. Kudos on this! It is a necessary; but oops…Unpopular position!
    People need to be educated on why this is the “right thing & the right time!!!”

  2. Another phony what does he care he gets FREE GAS plus he makes over $100.000 a year there all the same a bunch of hypocrites living HIGH ON THE HOG off the tax payers..
    Do you ever notice he never talks about nothing when is speaks he like a puppet Sacco tells him to jump & he says how high I mean this Prieto is a IDIOT….
    Went from a Union City plumbing inspector to a Sacco puppet if this is the best our state has were all in big trouble…

  3. First off Tony this guy makes well over $100,000 a year, look it up. Secondly the speaker is right the people of NJ need to be educated alright. This guy was practically appointed and not genuinely elected. So he’s not really doing the will of the people. Most of the towns in this great state can make up for the shortfall by capping salaries for government officials. If we were serious as a state about fixing the budget problems they would go through every single towns budget from Trenton to Paterson and eliminate any reduce the salaries of any official making over 200K to reasonable levels and eliminate all the no show and no work contracts. Its not fair for people to clock in at 10 am and clock out at 2 pm and sometimes not even show up at all while NJ is the first state in the Union speeding toward utter bankruptcy. Big Pharma is leaving NJ quickly. NJ universities are too expensive for students to afford and once students get experience life somewhere else they are never coming back and millionaires are going to go away too. It might be too late to right the ship. New Jersey was once a great place but the greed of public servants really pummeled us into the ground. Its tragic really.