Alexander Habib, the Chief of Staff for Assemblyman Ruben Ramos (D-33) for four years, resigned from his position on Wednesday, according to an e-mail obtained by Hudson County TV.

“After 4 proud years of service to the NJ General Assembly, I’m announcing my departure from State Government, and pursuing a new and exciting career in public affairs,” the e-mail says.

“As of mid-February, I’ll be joining Beckerman Public Relations as an Account Supervisor in their burgeoning Public Affairs practice.”

This revelation will likely add more fuel to the fire that Ramos is planning to leave the New Jersey Assembly to run against Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer in the November election.

Ramos has been a member of the assembly since Nov. 6, 2007 and represents Hoboken, Union City, Weehawken and a portion of Jersey City.

Ramos was not immediately available for comment on Friday.


  1. Higinia,

    Your exalted leader, Brian Stack, has Michelle Russo on the Board of Education payroll.

    She’s from Hoboken, Married to the guy that was convicted and sent to jail for stealing over 1 million dollars from parking meters.

    “but why would stack do that?”

    Answer: Crooked MFers roll together.

    I’ll leave it at that and let you resume your Disney World fantasies of a benevolent Mayor that “doesn’t make a lot of money doing what he does” on the books.

    How much money is being made under the table?


  2. Stop em out Zimmer

    Youtube old videos of Ramos on the Hoboken Council.

    He was a clown then and just a slightly more revered court jester now.

    Not Ready For Prime Time.