Assemblyman Ruben Ramos Talks About New Proposals

Hoboken Assemblyman Ruben Ramos talked to Hudson County TV today to discuss new concepts he is hoping to pass through legislation. The most controversial one is in regards to changing the legal age of smoking from 19 to 21. Ramos feels this will help individuals to make smarter choices before picking up a deadly habit, but some critics feel this could be infringing on civil rights, mainly because people can serve on the military at age 18 but not have the right to buy tobacco.
Another key issue discussed was protecting employee and potential new hires in terms of social media. Ramos states that “what is personal is personal and what is business is business” and that it should be illegal for companies to demand login information to find out what is being posted on people’s facebook, twitter and other social media outlets. Listen in and leave your comment on what your thoughts are on these subjects! Assemblyman Ruben Ramos Talks About New Proposals

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