Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez Gets Petition in for WNY Residents to Vote on Sign Ordinance. If the petition goes through, West New York residents would be able to vote on the issue in the November election.



    • Why does that even matter?

      Residents shouldn’t be allowed to voice their concerns over an ordinance aimed at chilling free speech within the town’s business district?

      The ordinance doesn’t differentiate between commercial and non-commercial speech. A store owner would have to submit $150, a signed statement from the property owner, and a detailed description of the proposed sign (including what that sign will say).

      The definition of a “sign” as per the ordinance is so loose that one could interpet it to include any moving vehicle with a logo.

      Its poorly written and unneccesary. Roque and his minions are using this as an opportunity to restrict any form of political free speech along Bergenline Avenue.

      Raging moron Gilbert Garcia has not done his homework on this issue and needs to be educated on the finer points of constitutional law.

      Then again, the only experience Gilbert Garcia had, leading into his appointment as town attorney, consisted of filing bankruptcies while doing very little on behalf of his clients (

      He was reprimanded by the Office of Attorney Ethics in 2001 for representing clients on both sides of a transaction and then sharing his fees with one of the two.

      Did i also mention that he’s also a raging moron?

      • Wow,Mr Nick Stacko you hit the nail on the head and every single thing you mentions is 100% correct.Garcia is real idiot,idk how he is even an attorney.The ethnics committee will be investigating him shortly he loves to dance on the conflict of interest line.This administration is so done,the days are numbered and the writing is on the wall.I actually thank them for being such IDIOTS…;

        • Frank how are you going to help a town , when u cant even take care of your own daughter and never have???

      • Gil Garcia is another sick individual…He & Roque FILLED the room with CHILDREN..did he not hear Fernando Uribe’s excellent video on how HE was Horrified at the TACTICS of using children..Did He not hear Assemblywoman Jimenez who with all other BUSINESS owners could not get into the meeting because of Gil & Roque USING CHILDREN..
        Then he does the interview saying we should go to supreme Court because the ordinance which has had to be written over 4 times and still has more to be changed TIME he is spending making all these MISTAKES on this ordinance…He should not be paid for HIS mistakes…also the ordinance has not been used since 1967( I could be wrong on the year ) Hopefully Gil will correct me..Ha anyway so in a time of FINANCIAL DEPRESSION lets UP FEES! Oh I think as a lawyer you should know..NEW JERSEY STATE has a program to help lawyers write ordinances..You may have to go there because NONE of YOUR POLITICAL LAWYERS are Helping..showing that you & Mr Roque have lost all Political Power..THANK YOU LORD.By the way Mr Stacko I looked at the What exactly do I do to get the info you are writing about

  1. West New York residents get rid of these guys,
    Roque,Acosta,Vargas,Frias,Rivera,Fonseca,Indri and Garcia NOW!

  2. @ julio…..just seen your comment….I have a very decent relationship with my daughter,I see her every week we take vacations every year and love her to death…My daughter is the most important person in my life.Im not trying to take care of a town im trying to bring positive change to it.If you got the balls talk to me in person about me not taking care of my daughter id love to answer you.