Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez introduces Innovative Gun Control Bill

Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez introduces Innovative Gun Control Bill

Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez introduces Innovative Gun Control Bill. The bill would require all NJ gun buyers to pass a mental evaluation before owning a firearm and have Police Inspections.


  1. Another $acco puppet…it’s all $acco is great and Stack is the bad guy on this website. It is so blatant who funds this news blog.

  2. Look through the stories on the website Einstein….Please do not make idiotic remarks until you have further investigated the comment. The mentallity of you and the others that comment on here is astounding.

    I am embarrassed to even participate on this site but someone has to bring some common sense to the attention of the people who do really care to know what is truly going on in Hudson County.

  3. There’s nothing idiotic about what I said (you didn’t answer the question by the way). If your going to make a general comment, I don’t see the point of posting it on a story that has nothing to do with what you’re talking about.

  4. My point is simply this: the video is about gun control regulations, so let’s keep the discussion about gun control regulations. With that said, I’d be awfully impressed if you could write on message board in crayon 🙂

  5. Your idiotisim speaks volumes…

    Are you really that stupid…to take my comment about writing in crayon literally….what grade did you complete….obviously not past the 2nd grade….How do you function in life? I am completely bored with you and will not engage with you any further until you have something intelligent to say.

  6. Police and citizens are two different things entirely. To lump them together saying they should both subject to this is strange. I would like you to apply this restriction or limitation on your 1st amendment the right to free speech. People should go through an extensive background check, register the thoughts before they use them and then only allow those who have a license to speak freely can. It doesn’t say you have a Right to drive an automobile in the Constitution so don’t go there.

  7. These politicians should undergo mental evaluations before accepting a position in public office. On that note we should also have their homes inspected to make sure they’re not stealing from the public.

  8. If you are not willing ,miz Jimenez, to uphold the United States Constitution and the Second amendment which states CLEARLY that nothing should interfere with a citizens right to keep and bear arms, then MIZZZZ Jemenez… you are A REDCOAT and need to be thrown out of office!

  9. Oh hi sweet..Into the home.. how nice. NJ is on crack. You threw NJ Firearm Manufacturers in bucket with Iran, Apartheid Africa, the Sudan. Everyone who watches this video is now stupider for having done so.

  10. Fuckin communist bitch. Typical left wing tactics….issues in certain parts of the country so they want to pass blanket laws that would affect the millions of law abiding gun owners. This is proof n.j. sucks!

  11. Compares police officers to civilians, how laughable. Cops can carry
    weapons, do you know this?