WEST NEW YORK, NJ – Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez is calling for the immediate termination of West New York Assistant Town Attorney Mario Blanch after discovering that he owes nearly $200,000 in outstanding federal and state income taxes.

“This man Blanch is a serial tax evader. He has no business representing taxpayers and serving in such a sensitive legal position,” says Assemblywoman Jimenez.  “He was just hit with another big tax lien last month and he is sinking in a sea of debt.”

Although Blanch doesn’t pay his taxes, he does have plenty of money to make political contributions.  Records show he has contributed at least $4,450 to political committees in West New York and Union City since 2010.  “Blanch has his priorities backwards and Mayor Felix Roque has shown very poor judgment by hiring this individual,” says Jimenez. “This is insulting to every hardworking taxpayer in West New York.”

The fact that a sign on Blanch’s office says he specializes in “debt solution” is the height of hypocrisy according to the Assemblywoman.  “Refusing to pay his taxes is the wrong way for the Assistant Town Attorney to solve his own debt problems. How can taxpayers trust someone who is so grossly negligent in his own personal affairs?”

Blanch owes the Internal Revenue Service $133,034 for unpaid taxes in 2006 and 2007, records show.  Public records show he owes another $65,216 in state tax judgments, including a $19,293 tax lien that was recorded just last month. The combined unpaid tax obligation between state and federal is $198,250.

Assemblywoman Jimenez says Blanch was hired by Roque in March just as the fourth and most recent judgment was being filed against him in state court. “Either Blanch deliberately hid this information or the Mayor failed to ask even the most basic financial questions before appointing him. In either case he should be removed from the Town Law Office immediately.”


  1. Yes this is The kind of people I want running my town. Mario take Larry Weinstein no go to union city or west New York.

  2. This is the normal choices for Indicted Roque!
    If you are a felon a just a plain thief go to WNY I heard
    they are hiring especially rats

  3. Ricardo Jimenez Vega please give us all a break between him & that fat phony Menendez that is all we need if this is the best we got were all in big trouble there 2 SNAKES IN THE GRASS…

  4. I’m no fan of the Roque administration but this is purely politically motivated. I’m sure our democratic assemblywoman Angelica, didn’t mind Obama’s appointment of tax cheat Tim Geithner for U.S. Treasury Secretary. Where was her outrage then? Nothing but crickets from her on that issue. Nothing will change in this town as long as our elected officials are so beholden to the unions. For Roque, the police unions, for Vega it was the teachers unions. The average citizen who pays the salaries for all these public service employees and union members get left out in the cold. These political factions are all the same, politcally motivated and morally corrupt. Remain vigilant!