Assemblywoman Jimenez to Senator Stack: Your mailings are offensive. Jimenez also speaks her mind about Felix Roque, Mario Blanch and Nick Sacco..


  1. please make her stop not only can she not talk but she is hard to look at? Please someone make this ugly woman go away!

  2. Please give us all a break her husband Bill Parkson use to be the head of the DPW in WNY the job was giving to him by then mayor S Vega he left the Post Office in Union City he always wrote letters against mayor Stack now he on the out side looking in now his wife Jimenez is all Sacco who does she think she is B-S..
    There all the same only the names change but the game is the same Sacco please he the biggest CROOK & PHONY out of all of them between him & his wife there taking down $450.000 a year our tax money

  3. Ok, I could not completely finish watching this video. This assemblywoman is clearly aligned with Mr. Sacco, and will do
    any dirty politcal work for him. She says, “he has diginity”?
    Mrs. Jimenez, how long will you be visting planet earth for again?
    A mayor who calls a woman on the phone, calls her a retard, cursing,
    intimidates her. Builds homes for the rich, and then gives them 30 yr
    tax abatements. Is an educator, but cares less about education.
    I will make an exception here please, use my tax dollars to get a new hair-do, and a little makeup.

  4. Mrs.Jimenez, why the distaste for Mayor Stack or are you being
    fed these lines that he’s a bad guy.
    Alot of people from North Hudson rely on this guy for help of
    jobs,rent,bills,food and even funeral expenses.
    Unless you have contributed in any fashion as he has, I suggest
    instead of knocking his helpfulness you try to outdo him!!
    People of North Hudson from now on call Ass. Jimenez’s office
    and see what help she gives you!

  5. She looks like Frank Alonso. Hello Frank is that you? Have you finally accepted yourself? Did the pressure and constant onslaught from Mayor Stack finally put you over the edge? Nice County car and “NO SHOW” job you have. Frank you are not very “transparent” now are you? Frank You are the epitome of corruption and incompetence. Mr. Alonso you owe all Hudson County residents an apology for stealing our hard earned tax payer dollars.

    • You can’t OPRA Frank Alonso’s position because there is no existing job title for INCOMPETENCE!

  6. Please don’t insult the hard working people at Shop Rite. Frank Alonso is a complete failure at everything he does. The only thing this (man?) knows is how to live off the public. He is a hired mouthpiece for Succo and not a very good one at that. Hey Frankie things are about to get real for you. I just hope you can take the pressure that is about to be bestowed upon you. Frankie you better be TRANSPARENT!

  7. Not a very good mouthpiece for Sacco?

    Frank singlehandedly tore the Union City Housing Authority a new one (see prior videos).

    Scorecard: Alonso 3 UCHA 0

  8. Not a big Alonso fan but, he did open our eyes on a disbarred
    attorney that should have never held a Federal Housing position.
    Alonso-1 Marotta-0

  9. All of Frank Alonso’s finger snapping and Ricky Martin hair accomplished nothing but make a lot of noise. This (man?) isn’t even worthy of doing Brian Stack’s dirty laundry. The only reason Frankie is upset is because Brian wouldn’t hire to work in his administration due to his incompetence.

    BRIAN 100
    Frank -10

  10. Hey if there is going to be any finger snapping or dancing
    the only one we all want to watch is Gary Pollack and
    his two step nb hop!!!!
    Hey Gary I heard Nick is having a easter egg hunt, are
    you going?

    • Yes, Succo’s Easter Egg hunt! What an event this shall be. I hear they hid a golden egg between Frankie Alonso’s butt cheeks and he is wishing for all humbres to line up and try to find it.

  11. Your Time Has Come! = Pants on Fire reincarnated?

    Hey, how bout that State of NJ vs Stack case?

    Fancy, how that one turned out. Spokesperson Mark Albiez tells the press that Stack is looking forward to addressing those silly accusations weeks before the mayor postpones 3 times and a change of venue.

    Now, a few weeks later, we find that Stack and Sacco are once again working together.

    The infighting made for good political theater, but these guys are all criminals. At the end of the day, there is still honor among thieves.

    Isn’t it curious that Stack is once again flipflopping all over the place. He was a card carrying member of the HCDO before he was against it, and now he’s a member again, just for old time’s sake.

    These guys aren’t so different after all.

    Stacko will be asking for your patronage–i’m talking to all you city employees–ahead of the November general elections. Make the checks payable to their respective PACs, or else..

    • …working together? Cud that be why? I didn’t see Alonzo, Del Valle & Dixon? at this Tues’ UC THM?

  12. Nick Stacco, funny how when the music stops they still have
    seats leftover….
    Sacco-investigation,Stack-investigation, also how they can
    get these groups to drink the Kool-aid and show up at
    meetings bashing each other.
    Word has it that due to his incompetence from Boss Sacco
    Lawyer Eric Dixon was re-admitted back to the pysch ward.
    Get well soon Eric