Attention Viewers, Submit your Original Photos and Videos for a Chance to Win

Many times we have learned about incidents in your neighborhoods because our viewers share them in social media.

If you give us great footage of breaking news in your area, you could win up to $200.00 if we use your original photos or video footage in our coverage. Your stories don’t have to be only Police or fire related.

The person who sends the most footage of multiple incidents with the best quality during a month will have more chances to win.


1. All photos, video and audio and any accompanying written description, narrative or account of the events depicted therein

(“Material”) must be original.

2. All Material irrevocably becomes the property of HudsonTV and Hudson County TV, LLC. and their respective affiliates and subsidiaries (“HudsonTV”), upon transmission to any email address, website or social media platform address or other platform used or maintained by HudsonTV.

3. The sender (“Sender”) of  any Material represents and warrants that such Material was created or produced in accordance with all applicable local laws, that no laws, regulations or ordinances were violated in the course of producing, obtaining or disseminating such Material and that no third party rights were infringed in the course of obtaining, producing or transmitting such Material. Sender further represents and warrants that he (she) is over 18 years of age, a lawful resident of the United States and is not using any third party equipment (such as a computing device) which is the property of another ( e.g., a government or public entity, or a private entity or institution.)

4. The events depicted in the Footage are real and not staged and are as described by Licensor, and the Licensor represents that he or she has not violated any law, rule, or regulation in connection with the creation or distribution of the Footage.

5. HudsonTV reserves the right to cancel, postpone or modify the terms of any offer of awards, at any time on no notice or limited notice.

6. Nothing herein shall create any employment or commercial relationship or agreement between HudsonTV and Sender, nor any obligation by HudsonTV to pay any Sender except for any award to be determined by HudsonTV in its sole discretion.

7. This program may be discontinued, modified or suspended by HudsonTV at any time, for any or no reason, without warning or prior notice.