Auto-pedestrian accidents sent two kids to Hospitals during the past week in Kearny


According to Kearny Police Department On Friday Oct 31st at 12:26pm an accident involving a pedestrian was reported in the area of 490’s in Kearny ave. Traffic and patrol units responded along with Kearny Ambulance and found that a 12yr old Kearny youth had attempted to cross Kearny ave from east to west when he was struck by a 2004 chevrolet that was traveling south on Kearny ave while being operated by an 82 yr old male driver from Beach Haven NJ.

The youth sustained minor injuries and was transported to Clara Maass Hospital by Kearny Ambulance according to a report submitted by Officer TJ Hernandez. No summons was issued to the driver and it appears that the youth that was struck elected to enter the roadway well south of the intersection of Kearny and Oakwood which at the time was controlled by a traffic signal and additionally staffed by a crossing guard, both of which would have ensured a safe and legal route across Kearny ave..


On Wed Nov 5th at 8:15am another accident involving a pedestrian was reported in the area of Belgrove dr.. traffic and patrol units responded along with Kearny Ambulance and an ALS Unit and found that an 11 yr old Kearny female had attempted to cross Belgrove dr. from west to east and after walking behind both parked cars and cars stopped for traffic in the southbound lane and did then enter into the northbound roadway and was struck by a 2001 Nissan that was traveling north on Belgrove dr being operated by a 47 yr old female Kearny resident.

The victim sustained injuries to her right leg and arm and upper body area and was transported to University Hospital where she was held for treatment and evaluation but none of the injuries were considered life threatening according to investigating officer Peter Jahera and Traffic Officer Pat Sawyer who assisted at the scene with photo graphs and measurements. The striking vehicle was taken to HQ for investigative and inspectional purposes however the driver has not been issued any summons and witnesses interviewed confirm that pedestrian entered the roadway in an unsafe manner. Again there was a controlled intersection with a crossing guard nearby at Belgrove & Woodland.

The KPD Traffic Bureau states that they constantly monitor the area of schools, enforce violations, provide safety lectures, ensure crossing guards are properly positioned, speak to PTA groups and school administrators regarding traffic and pedestrian laws and has fielded pedestrian safety details throughout town.

Both of these incidents most likely could have been prevented had the victims heeded the words: “Cross at the Green and not In Between”.




Finally, another auto-pedestrian accident was reported this morning. an 82 yr old Kearny male walking his dogs south on Belgrove dr. on the west side of the street in the 600 block when a 2007 Chevy operated by a 58 yr old Kearny male who was backing out of a driveway and failed to notice the pedestrian.  Pedestrian was knocked to the ground and suffered pain to his right leg and hip area and was treated at the scene by Kearny Ambulance and transported to Clara Maas for treatment.