AVORA at Port Imperial – new luxury apartment complex comes to Weehawken waterfront

On a sweltering May morning, Mayor Richard Turner and Landsea developers welcomed the community to a topping out event as they unveilved Avora at Port Imperial.

The new luxury apartment complex is 11-stories on the Weehawken waterfront.

“They’ve spent thousands of hours dealing with developers… and dealing with environmentalists,” Mayor Richard Turner says – as the planning board was welcomed with a big round of applause.

According to the mayor, this waterfront development has transformed the township of Weehawken and he says it’s hard to believe that 40 years ago the township was on the verge of bankruptcy.

To the future residents – LandSea thanks you… and says they know you’ll be proud to call Avora your future home.

A fantastic crew of construction professionals made this all a reality…  and 1400 workers and individuals will have longterm jobs when the building opens.