Battle lines drawn in WNY as HCDO sees opposition in 53 of 58 committee seats

Battle lines drawn in WNY as HCDO sees opposition in 53 of 58 committee seats.  Chairman Vincent Prieto weighed in on the race with Hudson County TV.


  1. Julio i’m sorry but this new comment area suksssss….I cant even see any of the comments and I’m sure I am not the only one having issues with it.Comments went from like 30-40 to like 5….??????Just my opinion…..

  2. Blaettler, who the hell cares what you think? You are a loser. HCDO will do the ass kicking here. Mark my word.

    • Kevin. Stop kissing the HCDO and Roque’s butt. If you support the HCDO you must be a real loser.

    • Kevin, Anyone who supporters the HCDO is a real loser and everyone who knows you knows what a butt kisser you are so stop trying to suck up to the HCDO

  3. Joseph Blaettler thinks he can intimidate everyone. Joe your tactics might work in Union City but will not work in West New York. Joe stop milking the taxpayers with your six figure pension.

    • That is not Emilio who posted the above. It is Marty Martinetti Emilio’s Son-in-law. Stop trying to get Emilio in trouble Marty. Your going to give the poor Emilio a heart attack.

  4. Hey Fat Fvck Frank why don’t you and your boy Doper Dan stay the hell out of WNY? The loser is you. I 1000000000% support HCDO.

    • Kevin, Your post makes you sound like an angry loser no wonder your a HCDO hack. The whole organization is full of people just like you

  5. Julio thank you for going back to this comment format,it works much easier.Kevin Peralta who ever you are,this is Frank the one that posted the comment to julio, the comments above that under the name Frank was not me,I guess some people get bored and do not have balls to comment under their own names.I also do not know who you are referring to as doper dan.the HCDO is a respected organization unfortunately this time they have made a mistake and aligned themselves in WNY with a Mayor that has been detrimental to the town and its people.I dont really feel that they will be able to lift this administration from the grave.It will be a heck of a fight and yes we are the under dogs but we are on the right side….So we will see….As far as staying out of WNY,cant do that, WNY is in me……

  6. Where ever there is injustice, you will find HDC fighting for justice. We are the cool evening breeze that calms the spirit aftera hard, honest days work in service of our Community. We are the Brother and Sister that has your back when HCDO Pay to Play interests seek their corrupt interests over yours and the honest needs of the Ordinary resident.We have said”Enough is Enough!” We are on the March and have the.forces of sleeze and intimidation On The Run! We will not cease until our wayward HCDO democrats return to the ideals and practice of Integrity,selfless service,and the Shining Example embodied in FDR’s Four Freedoms Address and The Universal Declaration of Rights adopted by 76 countries with no dissenting vote at the United Nations, 1948.

  7. Oh please, Patrick Cullen, your boy Munoz is the ultimate pay to play politician. Every move he makes is with politics in mind. He is just pissed HCDO no longer wishes to associate with him. HDC is a loser organization that is going nowhere. Want to bet on that?