Bayonne Board of Education Meeting Results in almost 300 Layoffs

The budget crisis in the Bayonne school district has caused a lot of confusion and turmoil within the community for quite some time.

On April 26th the board of education held the meeting that everyone was anxiously awaiting. Hundreds of people crowded into the Bayonne High School auditorium to discuss the resolutions to the issues due to the budget cuts. These cuts will result in hundreds of Bayonne school system staff members to lose their jobs.
Before the meeting started, the RIF list was posted on a bulletin board. The list contained about 300 names of not only teachers but custodians, secretaries, and other various school staff that will now face losing their jobs as of June 30th 2017.
One issue that was addressed was what will happen to the ESL program as majority of the teachers that teach the program were on the RIF list.
People in the crowd were in tears when fellow community members stepped up to the podium to voice their concerns. One woman a mother of 3 children who are in the Bayonne school district, feels that this decision is going to cause the students to suffer the most. She feels that the board is “ripping out staff members like a game of Jenga”. She voiced how sad she was that 18 teachers at her children’s school were laid off. She stated that it didn’t matter whether these staff members are teachers or custodians they all help these children on a day to day basis with various tasks and the children have grown to love and trust these staff members.
This was not the only issue brought up in the meeting, also a curriculum concern was voiced. An issue regarding the science requirements for the high school students is now a problem. Student taking physical science will now be in danger of non graduation as now Physical Science is not a requirement for graduation and will not be counted towards it.
The final thought came from the Bayonne Superintendent Dr. Patricia McGeehan who stated that she did all that she could do in the current decisions but it was out of her hands. The crowd unfortunately was not very happy with her final thoughts and very little applaud was given.
The full video can be found below:


  1. I’m sure they will find fault where it doesn’t belong, as long as those on the inside get richer, while our teachers and the students will be the ones suffering !!!!

  2. So that means Patsy and Leo are gonna go back to teach the kids since we’re so short ! Options!! Get rid of these two. Grow a set!! There’s an option.

  3. At the end of the day, it’s a money issue. Everyone knows the state is not giving more money. Being underfunded does not matter. A budget is devised with money that the Board is supposed to have and it cannot go over. I’m sure there’s a percentage that’s used for state funding etc.

  4. John it matters any funding matters. You flip flop too much just stop it. You ran for the board you know the problems and you know the answers to your own questions

  5. It’s not like it’s $50 or $100 dollars it’s over a million unbelievable! If they can’t count money , or balance a budget they don’t belong there and in charge of the future of our children , and the future of our teachers .

  6. Can we stop pretending that increased state funding would’ve avoided this issue? There just would’ve been more money to be mismanaged by the powers that be!

  7. He was a wonderful counselor who helped me through the college application process as a first gen college student. I graduated ranked 243 from Rutgers. Thanks for helping me succeed Mr. Nunz!!

  8. This woman Alicia was hired by Mayor Davis and Joe DeMarco after a hiring freeze was put into effect – of course she’s protecting them -was she watching the numbers at City Hall when their spending spiraled out of control – she’s not credible

  9. Bayonne is so corrupt starting with City Hall down to the BBOED. Too many people in the kitchen and too many hands stirring the pot!! Bayonne is a disgrace what its doing to our children and the taxpayers.

  10. My heart is breaking for all my friends and others I don’t know that have to face this horrible situation. the sad truth is they don’t care or give a damn. It’s a damn cover up show

  11. What does she mean fight for themselves? The teachers are working all day and taking work home with them they aren’t paid for. how much time do they have left to fight?

  12. so you can send letters but you don’t check with an accountant doing your books? Lady learn to fight for your district. You should fully be in control of the budget

  13. She can have time to go over hundreds of teachers names and decide which ones to let go , but she can’t go over her books with accountant and figure out where all the money went , Come on give me a break !!!

  14. What a joke Bayonne is. City hall is complete fraud and Gin Mill Jimmy is sticking it to you all really hard, he wanted everyone’s vote and told the town BIG lies about cutting property tax, FAIL! I just heard from a buddy of mine who still lives in Bayonne on 37th st that tax going up again, get ready for the big 3 increase. The folks who still live there need to get off their ass and team up and fight these high tax rates, you pay all that money and the town is not even safe to walk at night on certain blocks, used to be a great town and Very sad of what it has became.

  15. Capital improvement funds can not be used to plug a hole in the operating budget. They tried to fill that ‘missing money’ that way but the state denied them. Two negotiated teachers contracts within 7 years, more healthcare costs, the new academy and about 60+ new academy teachers but there is no confusion there is a lot of money missing with no paperwork to show how it was spent. That is my take. Mismanagement of funds.

  16. They lined their pockets at the expense of our children’s future,now the teachers will suffer and children will not get educated in this already horrible school system

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