(Bayonne, NJ) – Bayonne City Administration Officials today announced that they anticipate the award of a contract for part of the 2016 Road Restoration Program. The City Council will take up a resolution of contract award at their Regularly Scheduled meeting tonight, May 18th.

“Mayor Davis remains focused on improving local infrastructure as a key part of the plan for revitalizing and rejuvenating the City,” said City Chief of Staff Andrew Casais. “This phase of the 2016 Roads program includes approximately 13 blocks of reconstruction, resurfacing, and general improvement.”

According to Casais, this is the first “phase” of Bayonne’s 2016 Roadway Improvement Program the program which is funded entirely by Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) monies. The contract, once approved by Council, will be awarded in the amount of $676,722.50 to AJM Contractors, Inc. of Clifton, New Jersey. Improvements are scheduled for portions of East 21st Street, West 21st Street, East 22nd Street, West 22nd Street, West 35th Street, Avenue E, and Evergreen Street.